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We provide design, engineering, procurement, implementation, commissioning and testing

HL Engineering AG has proven history of delivering successful large scale projects all over the world. Professional and experienced team quarantee expected results on time.

Management, Leads and Personnel

Electrical/Automation, Mechanical and Civil Engineers with strong experience and proficiency on projecting / construction fields. Also assemblers available on all ranges.

Electrical and Automation systems and entities

Protection, Control & PLC Systems for Distributing Systems, Transforming Stations and Switchyards/Switching Stations

Mechanical and civil constructions

services, piping, assemblies, processes, structures for sites of all sizes

Personnel and auditions

Personnel (welders, fitters, electricians), handling and management (project- and site managers), Supervision & Commissioning and Testing personnel), evaluation and audit experts (Plant Condition and Operation)


Deliveries and Projects in over 60 countries worldwide since 1994.

Power Plant and Marine Projects

Wärtsilä Corporation - world wide locations

Troubleshooting and Service

Wärtsilä Corporation - installations in global locations

Electrical/Automation system installations

Metso Oyj - installations, supervision and troubleshootings in Sweden, Finland and Germany.

Mechanical and Electrical supervision

Pöyry Group - supervision on steel tank deliveries, installations and supervision in several locations.

Electrical services and testing

Areva and Alstom - various services and testing of capacitors.

Precast element factory design

Stellar Solution - design, planning and delivery full service

Equipment deliveries

ABB Group - equipment deliveries, installations and modifications

Building technology

Siemens - automation and building technology

VLC Housing project

Scandinavian Group - VLC Housing project


HL Engineering AG was commenced in 1994. Harmonization of the Company structure and centralization to Baar, Switzerland as HL Engineering AG in 2004. The Company shareholders are active in Company.

We are operating globally on power plant and other industrial installations, marine/vessel installations and composite plants implementing constructions, installation supervision, project/site management, commissioning and various tasks on analyzing and evaluations providing customers multiple solutions and services utilizing latest technology and standards.
The Company is working currently on VLC design and building project including real estate development in Côte d Ivoire in Western Africa.

Large scale material design and installation planning project with multiple Baltic area enterprices. HL Engineering AG offers experienced labour for customer needs on wide range of services.


HL Engineering AG | Dorfstrasse 16 | CH-6341 Baar | Switzerland | Tel. +41 41 756 0477

HL Engineering AG
Dorfstrasse 16
CH-6341 Baar, Switzerland


+41 (0)41 756 0477